International network of consultants specializing in business expansion franchise

In the global market internationalization is a trend in a growing number of companies that are driven to create distribution networks and sales extending to overseas markets for a wider market for their products and services.

Globally Franchise is created in order to channel and promote the internationalization of franchises and with a clear objective of providing franchisors committed to trade or investment abroad, experience, organization and resources needed to undertake with guarantees its presence in strategic markets.

visión y misión


The compensation of the economic crisis on the local market, limited growth in it, the outside interest on an attractive business model , original and innovative business, the need to diversify the risk involved in operating in a single market, the desire to gain international prestige and get an outside diffusion brand by access to a larger market, providing greater opportunities to increase sales and gain profitability ... are reasons in which an increasingly clear international expansion of firms from any country sits of the world. And every reason to think the excellent business option that can bring Globally Franchise to the entrepreneur.


International markets where Globally Franchise is present

  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Brasil
  • Portugal

Servicio GF


  • • Market study
  • • Structuring market.
  • • Internationalization strategy.
  • • Feasibility study of brand registration.
  • • Feasibility study sites.
  • • Logistic analysis.
  • • Strategy concession.
  • • Expansion Planning.
  • • Objectives of implementation.
  • • Financial analysis and valuation of master rights.
  • • Feasibility report.
  • • Review and recommendations.
  • • Shares attracting franchisees and investors.
  • • Proposal, negotiation and closing operations.
  • .
  • • Tax Management, Administration, Finance, Accounting, according to the laws of each country.
  • • Find funding formulas.
  • • Search and analysis for opening local pilots.
  • • Search and selection of service providers (local adaptation, local campaigns, management systems, ...).
  • • Representation and processing before institutions and public entities.
  • • Processing of the constitution of companies.
  • • Quality control management: check list, mistery shopper ...
  • • National registration of trademarks and patents.
  • • Master Franchise proposal.
  • • Master Franchise Agreement.
  • • Master Franchise Manual.
  • • Information Brochure franchisees.
  • • Franchise Offering Circular.
  • • Letter of intent to purchase the franchise.
  • • Adaptation of the franchise agreement.


International team

Its international expansion will be conducted by a consulting team composed of professionals both their country, and foreign market in which it is intended to make the introduction.

Operations Control

The connection of international consultants each other and the proximity of a local team will provide control of the expansion process.


The possibilities of intervention of our consultants in any aspect of foreign deployment of your company will allow you to face the process with maximum guarantees of success and budget control.


Our group operates with its own technological platform that facilitates communication between computers and thereby performing the work and efforts to export their franchise.

Institutional relations

By means of consulting business of our group you can access the most prominent organizations and institutions of international expansion target countries, which will undoubtedly facilitate the expansion of its sales network in them.